This website provides a subscription service to artists directly, which allows you to play their music on your livestreams, and continue to use their music in your live streams and social media content as long as your subscription is active. Once your subscription expires, you must either renew it to continue using the artists music on your livestreams or shared content, otherwise you must stop use.

If your subscription ends, but was active at the time you posted your video or shared content, that content is covered.

We log time stamps and transaction logs of subscriptions for verification.

We verify artists to ensure they have the rights to distribute the music they are uploading. If we or a third party finds that an artists account is sharing content they are not allowed to share, their account will be deleted and the subscription fees will be forfeited for the monthly payout. We will return the subscription funds to the subscribers once we have verified they have cleared payments in the form of an account balance credit.
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